Hair Gloss or toning

A gloss can be clear and can be applied to add shine to the hair, to create healthier looking hair. Or it can be added as a refresher to add some pigment and toning to the pre-existing hair color. This can be used on all hair types and is Ammonia-free. When hair has been lightened or lifted, it is done by removing pigment, leaving the underlying color exposed. Our expert colorist at The Hair Bar will tone and create the perfect shade that compliments you.

This can be used for all hair colors and highlights. It helps cut copper tones that appear gradually as color washes away and creates richness and depth. As you may know, factors like the environment, salt-water, heat styling and chlorine can leave your hair dull. A gloss in between appointments will leave your hair shiny. It moisturizes the hair and adds pigment, leaving no demarcation lines. Keep your color perfect all year round.